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Saint Justin's Church, Frankfurt-Höchst

The old town of Höchst with its castle and small medieval streets full of half-timbered houses. 50.09818.546941 Höchst Castle is actually an ensemble of multiple castles dating from the 13th to 16th centuries. 50.0989768.5488031 Saint Justin's Church (Justinuskirche) dates to 850, making it Frankfurt's oldest surviving building and one of the oldest churches in Germany, a rare opportunity to see a church with Carolingian architecture. Further east, the baroque 50.1011118.5522221 Bolongaro Palace was built from 1772 and includes a beautiful garden complex with pavilions, sculptures and the Neptune Fountain. It was constructed on behalf of the Bolongaro brothers, who had come from Italy and set up Europe's largest snuff tobacco factory in Frankfurt. Höchst is also known as the 2nd-oldest porcelain manufacturing site in Germany. The 50.1060118.5553981 Höchst Porcelain Manufacturing Centre (Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur, Palleskestr. 32) welcomes visitors wishing to learn about the traditional manufacturing process, while the beautiful 16th century 50.0996668.5484521 Kronberger House houses a museum with over 1,000 porcelain exhibits.