city in the German state of Bavaria



city in Bavaria, Germany


Franconian Switzerland

(Fränkische Schweiz) – a favorite with early 19th century poets who gave a name that stuck, this karst region is world renowned for its climbing and has some beautiful caves


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Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Soon after they came to power in 1933 the Nazis chose Nuremberg as the place for their annual party rallies. They planned a set of gigantic buildings here, few of which were built. Start at the Documentation Centre for the story of how the Nazis rose to power, their grasp of modern media and propaganda techniques, the organisation of the party rallies and wider mass agitation, and the connections between that and their crimes against minorities and plunge into World War 2. The Documentation Center is in the north wing of the Congress Hall (Kongresshalle), one of the few planned constructions that did get built. Although the rally grounds cover a wide area, there's little else to see here other than the reviewing stand at the Zeppelin field. The "Große Straße" which was the spine of the rally grounds is now just a modern road. Note you can also get here on S-2 to Dutzendteich; other S-bahn trains run through this station but don't stop.