Grand Canyon

national park of the United States in Arizona


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South Kaibab Trail

United States
Slightly steeper than the Bright Angel trail, this trail starts from Yaki Point and follows a ridgeline into the canyon. Because the trail follows a ridge the views are spectacular and wide-open, but the amazing scenery comes at a cost: there is almost no shade to protect hikers from the sun, and the lack of natural water sources means that there is less plant and animal life. Hikers should be aware that there is no water available along this trail and prepare for brutal conditions- summer hikes can be particularly dangerous. Round-trip distances to waypoints are: Cedar Ridge (3.0 mi/4.8 km with 1140 ft/348 m of elevation change), Skeleton Point (6.0 mi/9.6 km with 2040 ft/622 m of elevation change), the Tipoff (8.8 mi/14.2 km with 3260 ft/994 m of elevation change), Bright Angel Campground (14 mi/22.6 km with 4780 ft/1457 m of elevation change).