capital of Burundi


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Living Museum of Bujumbura

Small “zoo” and natural history museum. Exhibits include fishes from Lake Tanganyika, birds, seven species of snakes, two chimpanzees called “Kita” and “Joy”, a golden monkey, a leopard called “Jango”, three antelope, two slender-snouted crocodiles and six Nile crocodiles. There’s also a traditional Burundian village on the grounds. For about 5,000 Fbu (2014) per person, a guide will show you around. The guide can even get some snakes out of the cage to let you hold them or feed them with guinea pigs. You can also feed chimpanzees with rice and Carnivores with guinea pigs or rabbits. Hold the hand of a chimpanzee, have a snake on harm and enter in cage of “Lacoste” Nile crocodile is also part of the attraction.Sometimes, local cultural events occur on the grounds, such as performances by the Burundian drummers.