most populated city in northwest Iran


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Eynali is the mountain range in a shape of a red wall just in north neighborhood of Tabriz. The red wall can be seen from most parts of the city. Many of Tabriz residents hike to the first peak of Eynali in early mornings or in the weekend. There is a paved trail from the foot hill of Mount Eynali in Northern highway of Tabriz to first peak of mount Eynali however there are more difficult trails to the peak, and a 90-degree wall as well. Eynali cable, a gondola lift, goes from the base to the station 1 at the peak. The station 1 which calls The Roof of Tabriz has a view to almost all of the city. There are couple of sites in the top station including an old shrine (a former Zoroastrian Temple), a monument for the unknown fallen soldiers (war heroes), two windmills and a restaurant, Bam-e-Tabriz. A small food court next to the shrine sells hot tea, milk, and appetizers.