Rio Abiseo National Park

Rio Abiseo National Park is a world heritage listed national park in the San Martín region near Tarapoto. Since 1986, the park has not been open to tourism due to the fragile nature of the natural and archaeological environments.


Huascarán National Park

World Heritage Site and national park in Peru


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Lake Parón

The largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca, located 32 km east and 2,000 m (6,600 ft) above Caraz at an elevation of 4,200 m (13,800 ft). It is surrounded by snowcapped mountains including Artesonraju, rumored to be mountain depicted in the Paramount Pictures logo. Despite being located in the park, the park entry fee does not apply; instead, you pay S/5 (2019) to the local community.From Caraz - It is about a 2 h drive to the lake. There are no collectivos going all the way, however, taxis can be hired for S/120 (2019) including the return trip and two hours at the lake. If you are in good shape you may try mountain biking or, for an easier time, hire a taxi one way (S/100 - 2019) and bike back.From Huaraz - All day tours with several stops cost S/50 (2019), not including food or entry to the lake.