Grand Canyon

national park of the United States in Arizona


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Bright Angel Trail

United States
The park's most popular trail is the Bright Angel trail which starts near the Bright Angel Lodge. This trail traverses a seemingly unending series of switchbacks down the canyon wall before leveling out somewhat around the oasis of Indian Gardens. During the summer months water is available at the 1.5 mi (2.4 km) resthouse, the 3 mi (4.8 km) resthouse and Indian Gardens (4.5 mi or 7.2 km). However, check to ensure that the water is functioning before departing; water main breaks are common. Most hikers will traverse only a portion of this trail, and the park recommends that day hikers never attempt to go further than Indian Gardens. Winter hikers should note that the top two miles of this trail are likely to be icy. Round-trip distances to waypoints are: Mile-and-a-half Resthouse (3.0 mi/4.8 km with 1131 ft/345 m elevation change), Three-mile Resthouse (6.0 mi/9.6 km with 2112 ft/644 m elevation change), Indian Garden (9.8 mi/15.8 km with 3060 ft/933 m elevation change), River Resthouse (16.2 mi/26.2 km with 4380 ft/1337 m elevation change), Bright Angel Campground (19.2 mi/31.0 km with 4380 ft/1337 m elevation change).