second largest city of Bangladesh, situated at the southwestern part of the country


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Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard

The shipbreaking yards near the Indian Ocean are Chittagong's international claim to fame, but for the wrong reasons; these are considered one of the most polluted places on Earth with highly dangerous practices and hazardous working conditions. Greenpeace is actively campaigning against them and trying to bring this issue further into the light. Tourists are not usually welcome, but some travellers have been able to sweet-talk the gate-keeper and get amazing photos of massive ships being dismantled for parts and steel. There are many breaking yards stretching for miles, so start at one end and try your luck until you have success. Keep your wits about you, safety practices leave something to be desired. It's also wise to keep your camera hidden until you're out of view of the officials, lest you be mistaken for a journalist out to do them harm. Bus #6 runs from Station Road, or you could hire an auto-rickshaw.