capital city of Myanmar (Burma)


Inle Lake

polymictic lake



capital city of Shan State, Myanmar


we will see

Hpaung Daw U Pagoda

One of the famous principal shrines in Myanmar. Contains 5 small Buddha statues covered with so much gold leaf that they look like golden snowmen. There are pictures on the walls that show their original appearance. There are also colourful depictions on the walls of tales from Buddha's life, and the story of how the Buddha statues were brought here through an adventurous route. An annual 18-day festival is held, usually in October (sometimes in September), during which four of the Buddhas are carried in a colourful royal barge around 14 villages on the lake. The barge is towed by the boats of leg-rowers and hundreds of boats follow the procession. Large crowds from all the villages nearby gather on the lake's shores to to pay homage to the Buddhas and celebrate the occasion. The festival is held on a grand scale with great magnificence and pageantry and is the biggest occasion held on Inle Lake. It is really a splendid sight. Among the dance shows and fun-fairs, the most interesting event of the festival, especially for foreigners, is the traditional Shan boat race – due to their unique leg rowing. It is the only place in the world that one can see such marvelous act.