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Vidhana Soudha

The legislative House of the State of Karnataka, this granite building was built by Sri K. Hanumanthaiya, Chief Minister of the then Mysore state between 1951-1956. A marvel of neo-Dravidian architecture, and one of the most imposing buildings in India. One of the interesting feature of this building in grand stairs in its front. The grand stairs has a flight of forty-five steps, 62 m (204 ft) wide and 21 m (70 ft) deep, giving a direct access to the foyer of first floor leading to an Assembly Chamber. The architecture of the building is based on Dravidian style, comprising richly carved bases and capitals for pillars, deep friezes, kapotha cornices, chaithya arches, heavy pediments domical finials. At the same time, the construction was on modern designs, making use of the present-day materials like steel, reinforced concrete, glass, and plastic. General public and tourists are not allowed to enter the ground or the building. It can only be viewed from the road and footpath outside the boundary walls.