capital of Niger


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Grand Mosque of Niamey

You can tour the Grande Mosquée, a gift to Niger from Qadafi. Just walk right up to the main doors of the Grande Mosque and the guardian will greet you and give you a tour. Or set up with him ahead of time -- his name is Issaka and his number is You pay “whatever you think is appropriate” but be aware that you will have to pay three separate times: the first time is a donation to support the upkeep of the mosque and their charitable activities; the second time is a small donation for the women’s room of the mosque, and then a tip for the guide at the end. So, you might pay XOF1000/400/1000 per person but exact amounts are up to you. As part of the tour you can climb the minaret and take pictures. Tours are in French, Hausa, or Zarma. Not open around prayer time, Fridays, and Muslim holidays. He likes to rush you through, but take your time and enjoy it. You might need to “remind” him about the minaret. Be sure to dress conservatively; women need to wear a head scarf.