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Fort St. Angelo

The area around it is possibly the hidden gem of Malta. This fortress has been here since and possibly already before Roman times and was in 1565 the main objective to capture for Suleiman's armada. It was used until 1979 as the headquarters of the British Mediterranean fleet. After the British left there were attempts to turn the fort into a hotel resort, which resulted in some damage and a derelict swimming pool half filled with scum constructed on top of the ancient fortifications. The fort appears closed, but sometimes the gates are open, and sometimes even if they are closed, it's worth calling out, and passing a couple of Liri to those who may be on guard duty. The core of the fort (where the Grand Masters lived and worshipped) is now under the care of the Knights of St John, and has been beautifully restored, but is definitely not open to the public. The lack of any further restoration adds to the charm, there is something very evocative about these unpolished ruins.