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Mount Wellington (Tasmania)

Situated within Wellington Park, Mt Wellington peaks at 1,270 m with breathtaking views of the Derwent River and Greater Hobart Region. At the top of the road up the mountain is the Pinnacle Observation Shelter, an indoor viewing area with binoculars. There are also several other lookouts on the way up to the peak. Your main options for heading up the mountain include taking your own car, going with a private tour operator or walking, if you are adventurous. Temperatures at the summit can range from 4-13°C in summer to -2-4°C in winter, so be sure to bring along warm clothes. It will often be 10-15° cooler at the top of Mt Wellington than it is in Hobart. There are multiple activities to do on the mountains, including cycling and hiking. See the Do section below for more information.