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Dom-Römer Project

Urban revitalization of the Dom-Römer complex, in which a number of old historic buildings have been rebuilt from scratch – incorporating only a few original artifacts – based on old pictures and drawings. The area includes the Steinerne Haus at Markt 44, a medieval-looking building first erected in 1464 that had already been rebuilt in the 1960s. The street known as Alter Markt or simply as Markt was in fact one of the most important ones in the old town. Upon being crowned in the cathedral, the new emperors of the Holy Roman Empire would take this path to proceed to the Römerberg and Römer, where the ceremonial procedures continued. This area also includes the remains of an ancient Roman settlement that used to be known as the Archäologische Garten, but reopened indoors as part of the new Dom-Römer-Areal revitalization project. The completed area was officially inaugurated in September 2018.