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Dreikönigskirche, Frankfurt

By crossing one of the bridges from the city centre you reach the Sachsenhausen part of the city south of the Main river. The old town part, 50.105478.690121 Alt-Sachsenhausen, especially in Kleine Ritterstraße and Große Ritterstraße (two streets near Affentorplatz), is famous for its old cider bars (see the "Drink" section for more information) and traditional half-timbered houses, many of which survived World War 2 (unlike much of the city centre). The 50.1072178.6851361 Dreikönigskirche (Church of the Three Kings) at Dreikönigsstraße 30 was built in 1880, replacing an older 14th century chapel. The Catholic 50.10648.688331 Deutschordenskirche (Church of the Teutonic Order) dates to the Middle Ages but suffered substantial damage during World War 2 and needed to be restored after the war. You can also walk along the river bank or visit the Schweizer Straße (see the "Buy" section).