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Panama City

capital of Panamá




historic Spanish Forts, boats to Colombia, and dive centers


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Marine Exhibition Center of Punta Culebra

This nature center run by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute is located on Culebra Island. It has a few fish tanks with Pacific, Caribbean, and freshwater sea life, a small pool with a sea turtle and a few little sharks, and a tank where children can touch starfish and other sea creatures. There is also a little forest where a family of sloths lives.



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Someday we will visit Taboga or begin to dream about going there! However, for now its not on our radar. Let us know in the comments if you think that should change!


Taboga is an island in Central Panama. It is one of the favorite escapes for residents of Panama City, who enjoy the beach, hiking, nature, fishing, and boat charters. The island has a charming village with a whitewashed church, a few narrow streets with several small restaurants, small hotels and great views to Panama City from the highest point on the island which stands at approximately 300 m.

Tourism is the major economic activity on the island, although fishing and agriculture are also practiced. The island has become a popular touristic attraction due to its beautiful natural areas and its proximity to Panama City. Daily ferries link the city to the island, most of them departing from the Amador Causeway.

At low tide, the northern end of the island is joined by a sand bar to the small island of El Morro, and the southeastern end is 270 metres (886 feet) from the neighboring Urabá island. The island has a tropical rain forest climate (Af), with average daytime temperatures of 83 °F (28 °C). It is famous for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, soft sands, and wildlife refuge.

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