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La Paz

La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia, while Sucre is the constitutional capital and the seat of the Supreme Court.




municipality of Bolivia



Santa Cruz (city, Bolivia)

capital of the Santa Cruz department in eastern Bolivia


Sights (8)


place in La Paz Department, Bolivia




town in Nor Yungas Province, in the La Paz Department of western Bolivia



Plaza Murillo




Palacio Quemado

The Bolivian Palace of Government, better known as Palacio Quemado, is the official residence of the President of Bolivia. It is located in downtown La Paz on Plaza Murillo, next to the La Paz Cathedral and across from the Bolivian legislature.



Yungas Road

road in Bolivia



Museo San Francisco Cultural Center

The Museo San Francisco Cultural Center is a cultural institution located in La Paz city, Bolivia. It was established with the aim of preserving and conserving the arts and memories related to events and historic moments of the city of La Paz in Bolivia, because the history of the convent and the Basilica of San Francisco that houses the museum is closely related to the history of this city.



The Witches' Market

The Witches' Market, also known as El Mercado de las Brujas and La Hechiceria, is a popular tourist attraction located in Cerro Cumbre, a mountain clearing in La Paz, Bolivia. Merchandise sold in The Witches' Market, run by local witch doctors known as yatiri, includes potions, dried frogs, medicinal plants like retama and armadillos used in Bolivian rituals. The yatiri can be easily identified by their black hats and coco pouches containing amulets, talismans and powders that ensure luck, beauty and fertility. Most famous of all the items sold in The Witches' Market are the dried llama fetuses. These llama fetuses are buried under the foundations of many Bolivian houses as a sacred offering to the goddess Pachamama.



Huayna Potosí

Huayna Potosi is a mountain and National Park in the La Paz Department of Bolivia. It's about 30 km north of La Paz and the mountain reaches 6088 m above sea level. About 1000 climbers make it to the summit every year, and it is said to be an "easy" peak. Base Camp and the obvious entry point for treks in the park is at Zongo Pass 4700 m, on the way to Zongo. Rock Camp at 5130 m offers great views and is the place from where climbers make their ascent of the peak.



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Quime is a small city in Yungas of Inquisivi region of La Paz.

Quime's economy is based on agriculture and the extraction of minerals.

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