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Someday we will visit Mohenjo-daro or begin to dream about going there! However, for now its not on our radar. Let us know in the comments if you think that should change!


The ancient settlement of Mohenjo-daro is situated in Larkana District in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Listed as an archaeological site of immense historical significance on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the town was buried underneath thousands of years of dirt and soil until its discovery in early 1900s. It is one of the most important archaeological sites of South Asia, not to be missed if you are interested in archaeology or in the history of the Indian subcontinent.

Mohenjo-daro has a planned layout with rectilinear buildings arranged on a grid plan. Most were built of fired and mortared brick; some incorporated sun-dried mud-brick and wooden superstructures. The covered area of Mohenjo-daro is estimated at 300 hectares. The Oxford Handbook of Cities in World History offers a "weak" estimate of a peak population of around 40,000.

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