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Bocas Town, Bocas del Toro

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We have visited Bastimentos but haven't got round to putting something here. Checkout our Instagrams in the meantime.


Bastimentos is an island in Bocas del Toro province in the Caribbean West of Panama.

There is a Canopy Zipline Tour on the island at the Red Frog Beach Resort and a cave tour up salt creek on the island. There are a handful of places to stay on Bastimentos: Red Frog Beach Island Resort, Palmar Tent Lodge, Tranquilo Bay, Al Natural Resort, Bocas Bound Hostel, Bubba's House, Casa Cayuco, Eclypse de Mar to name a few. Idyllic beaches, panoramic views of Caribbean coast lined with rainforest and the relaxing atmosphere are just some of the attractions of this fabulous island. There are numerous trails across the island, through lush rainforest that provide a taste of nature in its purest form.

The terrain of the island is rather hilly. There are some lava rock outcroppings.

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