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city in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan



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Obanazawa (尾花沢) is a city in Yamagata, Japan.


By air

The nearest airport is Yamagata, which offers flights to Tokyo Haneda, Osaka Itami, Sapporo Chitose and Nagoya Komaki. There are three buses a day to Ōishida Station and Obanazawa City Hall (of which two continue to Ginzan Onsen), taking 50 minutes and ¥1000 (1hr 20min and ¥1500 to Ginzan Onsen).

The nearest international airport is Sendai.

By train

Obanazawa is served by Ōishida Station, in the adjacent town of that name, and is served by the Yamagata Line and Yamagata Shinkansen from Tokyo. Tsubasa trains run eight times a day to and from Tokyo, with additional trains terminating at Yamagata.

Times and prices are typically as follows:

From Sendai, take the Senzan Line to either Uzen-Chitose (for a local train) or Yamagata (for the Shinkansen); check the timetable to see which is faster. This should take roughly 2 hours and cost ¥1660 (¥3130 if taking the Shinkansen). Taking the Shinkansen via Fukushima may be slightly faster, but will be much more expensive.

On weekends, public holidays and certain holiday periods, the Chiisana-tabi Holiday Pass allows free travel on local and rapid trains in an area stretching to places such as Shinjō, Sendai, Hiraizumi, Kesennuma, Shirakawa, and Aizu-Wakamatsu for ¥2670. If you buy a limited express ticket, you can also use the Yamagata Shinkansen between Shinjō and Fukushima.

By bus

Yamakō Bus and Tōhoku Express run the overnight Tokyo Sunrise from Hamamatsuchō, Tokyo Station Yaesu-dōri, Ueno, and Asakusa, taking 7 hours 30 mins and costing between ¥7400 and ¥6600.

Yamakō Bus also runs 10 Tokkyū Yonpachi Liner buses a day from Sendai, taking 1 hour 45 minutes and costing ¥1750. These buses can also be used from Shinjō (35 minutes, ¥990).

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