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Svaneti mountain village, surrounded by a stunningly beautiful landscapes and huge waterfalls. The starting point for a several exciting Svaneti trekking routes, including Mount Ushba glacier trek.



A small town with a couple of great attractions nearby, namely Enguri Dam and Silver Lake. The latter is one of the most impressive alpine treks that you can do in Georgia. The marshrutka to Zugdidi leaves from the central marshrutka station in Mestia every two hours. Just ask and the driver will drop you off in Jvari. This journey will take up to three hours and will probably cost 15 lari, because that is price to the slightly further destination of Zugdidi.



the highest altitude inhabited point in Europe. There is another small Ethnographic Museum there, containing 12th century religious artwork.



(many Svan towers), Latali (old and beautiful churches), and Becho (mountain hiking).



mountain in Georgia


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Mestia is a city in Upper Svaneti, Georgia.


By helicopter

There is also an option to fly to Mestia from Tbilisi by helicopter. The duration of the flight is 1½ hours. There are a few companies organizing these flights.

By train

From Tbilisi, take the 21:50 night train reaching Zugdidi at 6:05, then follow the "by bus" section below.

Trains can be full (especially private cabins), so book several days in advance.

By bus

Bus station +995 568 999 968 Note that these marshrutkas will only go if there are enough passengers. Therefore expect some hours of waiting in the worst case.

From Mestia, there are 3 daily marshrutkas at 8:00 - one to Zugdidi (20 lari), one to Kutaisi (25 lari), and one to Tbilisi (30 lari). Seats can be reserved by your guesthouse or at the ticket office at the main square (English: +995 568 999 968, Russian: +995 599 707 094). There may be more during the high season (to Zugdidi for example at 08:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00). Later, you need to use a private taxi.

By car

A new highway from Zugdidi to Mestia has been opened and the trip has become relatively safe and comfortable by public or private transport. The view on the way is amazing. The usual driving time is about 2 hours, although it can be longer in winter following snow falls, or when the road is covered with ice. Whatever the season, it is not advised to drive yourself unless you are used to such mountain roads. Drive with high attention if you are not an experienced driver.

Mestia – Tbilisi can be driven in about 6½ hrs.

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