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Sometimes they are together referred to as "Ramlod".



Jisr Jindas

A bridge built by the Sultan Baybars in the year 1273. It is still used for road traffic. On either side of the bridge, there are beautiful Arabic inscriptions and carvings of lions. Just north of the bridge, a dirt track branches off from the road - the bridge carvings are best seen from this track.

Lod Mosaic

Lod mosaic

Museum of Jewish Heritage in Israel


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Lod is a small city in central Israel, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


By car

This is the most convenient way. From Tel Aviv or many other locations, take route 1 to the Lod interchange (just east of the airport turnoff). Turn off to route 40 south, which then passes along the outskirts of Lod.

By train

There are frequent, quick trains from Tel Aviv to Lod.

There are direct trains hourly from the Jerusalem Malcha train station to Lod.

By bus

There are frequent buses to Lod from Tel Aviv. The buses make a number of stops in the city center.

From Jerusalem, there is a direct bus (408) only in rush hours. The rest of the time, use one of the following two options:

The first option (route 947) is probably faster.

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