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Saratoga Springs

is a logical place to go next. It's about a 15-minute drive up New York State Route 50 (Milton Ave., Doubleday Ave., and Ballston Ave.).



about 30 minutes' drive.


Troy (New York)



Doubleday House Antiques Gallery


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Ballston Spa

Ballston Spa is a town in the county seat of Saratoga County in New York. The town is well-known for it's walkable village with hometown restaurants, shops and museums.


By bus

MegaBus offers an affordable trip from several destinations in New York City for usually around $5. The pickup destination in New York City is usually at a random street corner, though. You will be dropped off at Rensselaer Station in Albany, the capital of New York. To get to Ballston Spa from there, go to the East St. & Herrick St. bus station. Take the 114 West bus for about 10 minutes to the Broadway & Hudson Ave. stop. Walk for about a minute to the SUNY Plaza Broadway station and get on the 905 West bus for an hour to the State St. & Washington Ave. station. Wait there for the 450 North bus. It will take about 30 minutes on the 450 to get to downtown Ballston Spa. The heart of the village can be accessed from the Rt. 50 & Malta Ave. station.

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