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National Park De Maasduinen

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Arcen is a village in the Southern Netherlands. Administratively, it's a part of nearby Venlo (previously it had been part of the municipality of Arcen en Velden), but this small place really is a destination in its own right. It's popular with Dutch tourists for its historic castle -whose beautiful gardens are well known throughout the country- and the natural surroundings. Called the 'pearl of the Maasduinen', it's an excellent base to explore the Maasduinen National Park.


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Arcen sits right on the most eastern curve of the Maes river in the Netherlands; locked between the water and the German border. The N271 is the main road in and out, heading north to Gennep and Bergen (Limburg), and south to Venlo.

If you're relying on public transport, your best option is to head to Venlo first. Arcen has no train station, but from Venlo bus line 83 in direction Nijmegen runs twice per hour, getting you to Arcen in 30 minutes. Get out at bus stop Maasstraat/Koestraat.

If you're cycling, you'll find that there are many routes from all directions. The area is quite flat, making cycling easy, even for those less experienced.

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