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Trinidad (Paraguay)

district of Paraguay


San Bernardino (Paraguay)

district of Paraguay



city and department capital of Boqueron, Paraguay



City and department capital of Itapua, Paraguay


Concepción (Paraguay)

city and department capital of Concepcion, Paraguay


Ciudad del Este

City and Departmental capital of Alto Paraná, Paraguay



city and capital of the Central Department of Paraguay



capital of Paraguay

Sights (14)

Encarnación, Paraguay

City and department capital of Itapua, Paraguay


Itaipu Dam

The Itaipú dam operator also provides a number of tourist attractions and tours, including the Tati Yupi Biological Reserve, some of which require registration. And you will mostly always need some form of identification, so bring your passport. And for registrations require ahead of the tour, they will need names, ages and number of people.The most convenient option is the simple Panoramic tour of the dam. However, it is worth booking a scheduled tour ahead, for a more interesting and different experience. You can still always do the regular tour.


Iguazu Falls

waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina


Misiones Department


La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná

It'll take one to two hours to see the whole area. Also features a small museum.


Mariscal Estigarribia

town in Boquerón, Argentina




Loma Plata

human settlement


Saltos del Monday

With a height of 45 m, 2 drops and 120 m width, the most impressive and beautiful waterfall in Paraguay. There are actually two (private) operators that grant access to the waterfall—compare prices! With the one further down the road you have a great view from above, but the elevator to the bottom costs a steep extra. On the other hand, the other operator (the one that comes first along the road from Ciudad del Este) has a platform at the bottom of the water, which can be reached by staircase. However, its top view is further apart from the waterfall and maybe not that spectacular.


Itapúa Poty


Mburuvicha Róga

official residence of the President of Paraguay


Botanical Garden and Zoo of Asunción

Visit the botanical garden and zoo - it's a very peaceful place filled with trees and nice paths. Find a nice shady spot and enjoy a picnic lunch. Inside the park you can visit Madame Lynch's house, very beautiful example of Paraguayan colonial architecture.


Cultural Center of the Republic

One of the few museums that open on weekends it's in an old colonial building that was the Congress Palace until 2003. Near the riverside costanera it has various exhibition spaces. The Sala Museo del Barro is one of the sections which presents pieces of indigenous art from native groups of Paraguay and Latin America. Another permanent exhibition space is the Sala Agustín Pío Barrios - Mangoré, which treasures the life and work of the great composer of the Paraguayan guitar. Another section is the Sala de la Escena Paraguaya - Edda de los Ríos which aims to disseminate everything related to the performing arts in Paraguay. There are also works from potter artist Julia Isídrez exhibiting a variety of clay works, in dark tone, with designs of faces, animals and nature figures. The Cabildo also incorporates works from traditional Christmas cribs by local artists such as Lucy Yegros, Gabriela Zuccolillo and Carlo Spatuzza.


Coi Hill



we will see


Someday we will visit Paraguay or begin to dream about going there! However, for now its not on our radar. Let us know in the comments if you think that should change!


Paraguay is a landlocked country situated in central South America, surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. A country of big rivers, green landscapes, folklore and a rich indigenous culture, it's relatively small compared to its neighbours, with an area of 406,752 km2 – about the same size as Germany. Paraguay is lacking in world-famous attractions, and tourist-oriented establishments are few and far between. But those visitors who do come will be rewarded with an experience of the real South America: colonial history, ruins of missions, vast wilderness, and a strong mix of European and indigenous cultures.

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