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Malta Island

Malta Island is the largest island and main population centre of Malta.


Victoria (Malta)

capital of Gozo, an island of the Maltese archipelago


St. Julian's

local council of Malta


Rabat (Malta)

village near Mdina, Malta



fortified city in Malta



village and port at the south of Malta



human settlement



capital of Malta

Sights (20)


island of Malta



city in Malta


Saint John's Co-Cathedral

Unremarkable from the outside, but incredibly ornate on the inside. Each of the different 'langues' (knights of a particular nationality had their own langue) has a their own chapel lined along the side of the nave in which they try and outdo each other in splendor. The barrel shaped ceiling is a single huge fresco, the lifework of famed artist Mattia Preti. And last but not least the floor is entirely taken by knight's graves all intricately inlaid marble in different colours, a recent book on the subject describes it as the 'most beautiful floor in the world.' This relatively unknown cathedral can count itself one of the most impressive in Europe. Entrance is through the Carappechia Annex on Republic Street in between St John's Street and St Lucy Street, directly opposite the Law Courts. As soon as you enter you will be provided with an audio guide included in the entrance fee which leads you through the cathedral in 24 stops enabling you to get further historical information about the paintings and special parts of St. John’s Co-Cathedral.


Rabat, Malta

village near Mdina, Malta


St Paul's Cathedral, Mdina

cathedral in Mdina, Malta


National Library of Malta

An evocative old library on Republic Square, next to the Grandmaster's Palace. Only part of it is open to the public: you will need to take a passport or other photo ID to get in. The entire archives of the Knights of St. John from the Crusades in the 11th century until 1798 when Napoleon took Malta, are kept here, in true Maltese style in rickety wooden filing cabinets. They were proud to mention that recently a sprinkler system had been installed to protect this priceless collection.


Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum

Maltese prehistoric building


Grandmaster's Palace (Valletta)

Now it is the President's office and the Maltese parliament. The staterooms, when accessible are quite impressive. It also houses the Knights' armoury which is open to visitors daily from 09:00-17:00. (However, all other parts of the palace are closed to visitors, so what they can see is limited.) At the entrance you can receive an audio guide which is included in the entrance fee. It provides you with further historical information about the various armoury of different eras beginning from the medieval chain mail up to the 17th-century armour.


Royal Opera House, Valletta

Open theatre on the site of the former Royal Opera House which was destroyed by a bomb in 1942. The outdoor theatre was designed by Renzo Piano and opened in 2013.


Fort St. Angelo

The area around it is possibly the hidden gem of Malta. This fortress has been here since and possibly already before Roman times and was in 1565 the main objective to capture for Suleiman's armada. It was used until 1979 as the headquarters of the British Mediterranean fleet. After the British left there were attempts to turn the fort into a hotel resort, which resulted in some damage and a derelict swimming pool half filled with scum constructed on top of the ancient fortifications. The fort appears closed, but sometimes the gates are open, and sometimes even if they are closed, it's worth calling out, and passing a couple of Liri to those who may be on guard duty. The core of the fort (where the Grand Masters lived and worshipped) is now under the care of the Knights of St John, and has been beautifully restored, but is definitely not open to the public. The lack of any further restoration adds to the charm, there is something very evocative about these unpolished ruins.


Inquisitor's Palace

Main Gate Street. Impressive courtroom where judgments were read, and it is worth a visit with a €6 price tag.


Cittadella (Gozo)

Go up to the Citadella and walk around the entire perimeter and enjoy the very beautiful 360 degree view of Gozo at your feet. Visit the cathedral of Gozo, and the Gozo archaeological museum with Islamic tombstones, ask for Steven, show interest and knowledge and he might give you a personal tour of the museum. The other museums in the Citadella are of considerably less interest.


National Museum of Natural History, Malta

The museum is housed in an 18th century palace, designed in Parisian Baroque style. It covers various topics such as Maltese Geology and Palaeontology, exotic mammals, marine fauna, insects, shells and birds and other topics like human evolution.


Domvs Romana

Houses the remains of a Roman villa. It lies in between Rabat and Mdina. This rebuilt Roman villa features mosaics and sculpture from the original house excavated on the site, along with artifacts and displays relating the Roman, Byzantine and Arab periods, from the 3rd century B.C. through the 10th century A.D.


Malta Maritime Museum

Ex-Naval Bakery, Vittoriosa Quay, 2166 0052. is well presented, and though not up to the standard of the great maritime museums (such as Greenwich in London) is worth a visit.


Casa Rocca Piccola

A Maltese noble family house on Triq ir-Republika, a few hundred metres past the Grand Master's Palace on the right hand side. Very enjoyable.


City Gate (Valletta)

The fifth incarnation of the main entrance to the city was built between 2011 and 2014 to design of the Italian architect Renzo Piano. The first gate on this site was built in 1569.


Collegiate church of St Paul, Rabat

Also houses St. Paul's Grotto. Where the saint apparently lived after being shipwrecked on his way to being put on trial in Rome. Pope John Paul II visited this place of pilgrimage in 1990. One can take the underground passage from here to the Wignacourt Museum.


St. Paul's Catacombs

Early Christian underground cemeteries, particularly the latter is very interesting to visit. Earlier descriptions refer to a "grumpy tour guide", but by June 2011 there is a friendly one who makes a special effort with children!


Upper Barrakka Gardens

The gardens offer a jaw-dropping view of the Grand Harbour. Go on a sunny day and bring champagne!


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Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea that lies south of the island of Sicily, Italy. The country is an archipelago, with only the three largest islands (Malta, Għawdex or Gozo, and Kemmuna or Comino) being inhabited.

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